Monday, March 5, 2012


We had a very scary incident on Friday.  Our puppy Sadie got into a bottle of Children's Tylenol.  We found her chewing on the EMPTY bottle.  We called the vet and then rushed her to the Veterinary Hospital.  This is extremely toxic and even more serious in small dogs like Sadie.   She was with them for two nights.  She is a very LUCKY doggie!!!  She is going to be O.K.   We were able to bring her home on Sunday.  Here are a few pictures...  One is a Thank you card I made for the doctor and staff.  One of Sadie in the car on the way home and the other of her laying on our deck once we got home!!!  We are very grateful to all the staff at the Vet hosital and so happy to have Sadie back home!!! (=


lynn said...

i'm so glad she's gonna be ok, jennifer. our puppy drank from the toilet-with a toilet tab cleaner and made herself deathly sick recently.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I am SO HAPPY she is going to be ok!!! I loveeeee the photos and loving that card you made for the staff!!!